5 reasons to join ENSO

+0.01 and build future cities!



+0.02 on large-scale projects!


....cooperate with leading companies in the industry!


...contribute to a great team!


...become the best that you can be!

Get to know us

JSC "ENSO Baltic"

is a holding company in the ENSO group. It is responsible for business expansion and development. In addition, it also holds the rights of HVAC equipment distribution of well-known European manufacturers: CIAT; CRISTOPIA (energy storage system); TYRRO – standard and custom made heat pump based and air handling unit equipment. ENSO Baltic consults, selects and delivers the equipment.

JSC "ENSO Automatika"

operates in the field of automation of buildings. It creates the design and control algorithms, supplies automation components and equipment, manufactures automation cabinets as well as installs and starts up the automation for HVAC and building management systems. "ENSO Automatika" holds direct contracts with automation component manufacturers.

JSC "ENSO Projects"

performs designing of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; consulting, project supervision and management; energy certification of buildings; maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Company targets at energy saving, alternative energy systems and offers the most optimal decisions. Moreover, ENSO Projects manufactures equipment under TYRRO and CITYVEX brands.

NUF „Enso Norge“

represents ENSO groups’ services in Norway.

AB “Engineering Solutions Scandinavia”

represents ENSO groups’ services in Sweden.

Currently we look for

HVAC system engineer

Ability to design modern and efficient HVAC systems of medium and large sizes. Knowledge in the fields of heat pump, heat recovery, energy storage and solar technologies.

Ability to design systems that have rational energy production and consumption cycles. Eagerness to learn and work in team. Tell us more about yourself via

HVAC project manager

Organizational skills in this position are of top priority. You are expected to know how to manage human as well as other resources and make the long-term project a success at the end of it. Your main task is to turn uncertainty into certainty. Experience in HVAC field, fluency in English or Scandinavian.

Tell us more about yourself via